just between you and me: intercourse

This blog entry is for the SISTERSHIP, my personality’s other half, my best friend, my sister. I love you always and forever, Elizabeth Irene Crowley. 

This is the fourth essay of a 5-part essay series discussing the connection between art and human relationships entitled “Just Between You & Me.”

Intercourse is a one-way ticket. The intertwining of two souls. The picture of pure love, friendship, and commitment. The absence of all personal barriers, physical, emotional and spiritual. Total vulnerability. Intercourse is a one-way ticket into another person’s being. 
We are complicated beings. We can’t always explain what makes us blissfully happy, nor can we explain why we feel that certain way when we see that certain tree at a certain time of day. We may spend our entire lives hiding certain areas about ourselves, something in the past, a relationship that has us trapped, a physical defect. There are certain things that we may never reveal to those close to us. A close friend once told me that she would lie in bed with her ex-boyfriend and, while he was sleeping, talk to him. Tell him everything.

We can completely reveal ourselves to someone physically but still be hiding. Still be resisting true intimacy.

As a result, we’ve limited true expression of ourselves as people. If there is not ONE person that I can be completely free with, I am going to spend the rest of my life giving of myself in fragmented pieces, never letting anyone see the whole. Never letting anyone see me. And I’ll never think anyone could ever be interested in seeing me.

This is why intercourse is one-way ticket. We need the freedom to be completely free with one person. To let that person see the whole. And to know this person wants me, wants to know me, never wants to leave me. He or she is not even interested in a way out. It’s a one-way ticket. It’s the two of us for keeps. And when intercourse happens, we actually set each other free…spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 

The journey to complete freedom takes our entire lives. And that is a journey we only take once. With one Person.

It’s a one-way ticket.

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