Adventure intertwined with a little bit of regret – the best kind, right?

Nature is powerful. When you become one with her, she will have her way with you. And the choices we make on our side will determine the severity of the consequences. I’m dealing with some of these consequences right now. Let me explain.
I went on a 3-day getaway this last weekend to a little beach town on the Southeast coast of Taiwan called Dulan. It was BEAUTIFUL. And it was an adventure. I stayed at this quaint, bohemian guest house near the beach, a 15-minute scooter ride from town. I ate incredible hand-made Italian food. I listened to beautiful music performed by locals. I bought hand-made artsy items created by locals. I spent 6 hours out on the beach, swimming in the ocean. I looked at the stars before going to bed. I had wonderful conversations with people. I’m going back, and next time I’m bringing friends. 
Saturday was my beach day. I made two mistakes, and I’m still feeling the consequences of both all over my body. No water and no sunscreen. BAD IDEA. And like most stupid choices we make in life, we’re aware they’re bad ideas. But the power of anticipation and excitement can overrule reason sometimes. So, though my adventure in Dulan was still wonderful and worth repeating save for the no water, no sunscreen portion, I also experienced my fair share of sun-poisoning and dehydration. Not fun. That AWESOME plate of spaghetti I ate at the Italian place? All of that pasta found a new home in a toilet that night. I forced fluids and made trips to the bathroom between Saturday night and Sunday morning. And then Sunday morning, after the surface temperature of my skin had dropped drastically, I was able to recuperate, continuing the rest and re-hydration process the rest of the day. 
In fact, I think I’ll go pour myself another cup of water right now. 
As far as my skin goes, I’ll show you pictures of what it looks like A WEEK from now. Right now, it’s pretty bad. What’s worse about being these shade of red/brown and peeling is that I live in Taiwan. People, for the most part – especially in the city – are white here. I’m kind of a spectacle right now. And there’s really nothing saving face about trying to explain to my friends that I KNOW I should have worn sunscreen. 
We live and learn. I had an adventure. There will be pictures of the place up on my facebook this week. 
On a more humorous note, I lost my bikini top in the ocean. That day on the beach? It was only me and the beach. Like I said in the first place, when you become one with nature, she WILL have her way with you. So make good choices. Like drinking water and wearing sunscreen. And never, under any circumstances, let go of your clothes when you’re putting them back on in the ocean. 

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