just between you and me: nostalgia meets euphoria

This is the second essay of a 5-part essay series discussing the connection between art and human relationships entitled “Just Between You & Me.”
Nostalgia and euphoria are almost like the yin and the yang of my emotions. Even in my most euphoric moments, I still have this feeling that something is missing, and I long for that irreplaceable whatever it is to be back in my life. On the other hand, in the midst of severe homesickness, I have this sense that the reason I have so much to miss and long for is because I’m a rooted person with community and friends all over the world; and this sense is the anchor of euphoria that keeps me from losing it when I am homesick. 
I experience both of these feelings rather regularly, especially living as a foreigner here in Taiwan. I’ve discovered two things. One, a neighborhood full of all the people I love will always be in the utopia of my mind. Two, finding home is a choice.

Home. Home is the place where nostalgia meets euphoria. Home is the personal choice an individual makes to commit to a place, a person, an ideal, and to stay there. To remain, no matter what may come. To give something or someone a chance – a long term chance. Home isn’t home sweet home until you’ve left it and come back again. It’s a journey of losing yourself to find yourself all over again. The feeling that some thing is missing will always be there. We’re human; the grass is always greener on the other side. But remember, a tree only grows strong and beautiful and is able to produce life within itself and for others if it remains rooted in the same place.

One thought on “just between you and me: nostalgia meets euphoria

  1. I had this sort of thought today. I was driving down the street and thinking, "Wait a minute. This isn't like, "their" place anymore. This is my own neighborhood. This is where I'm from." And it's not because I particularly love the land or the city or anything in particular about it, but because I've chosen it, and it's mine, and I'm not going anywhere. And this is where God has chosen to do his work in me. I recently wrote about this to some degree – I don't know if it's what actually came out in the words but it's much of what I was feeling as I wrote – that as we go forward we leave more and more behind and pieces of ourselves are suddenly scattered throughout the globe. The melancholy of nostalgia is not something they really warn you about. And it's like, the fact that eternity is real is really the only way that makes sense to reconcile nostalgia with reality.Like you.

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