just between you and me: dancing

This is the third essay of a 5-part essay series discussing the connection between art and human relationships entitled “Just Between You & Me.”
 I love dancing. 
Then I started dancing with other people, and suddenly I wasn’t just moving my body. I was changing my life. 
Dancing by yourself is easy. But when you need to start loving someone, start following someone, learn  to move and dance in harmony with someone else, you start going somewhere in life. No one makes progress by themselves.
No one is born solo. My mother gave me my pair of dancing of shoes. My mother taught me to dance with confidence, to dance loud and dance strong. If I miss a move or forget the next step, I pause. Then I keep moving. Never, never give up. 
My mother is still dancing. She is no longer my dance partner. I miss her, but everything she taught me is there when I dance with other people. She taught me to dance aggressively, to not be afraid of what I want. Not all my partners like that, but I never give up. Never, never give up. 
I will always dance. And I will always wear my mother’s dancing shoes.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you, mom, for teaching me how to dance.

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