past you

It’s good, that you’re becoming a thing of the past. That I can imagine all these skylines and rolling hills without your presence. That I no longer need the beauty of your existence to complete my own. This is what moving on feels like. 
I’m moving, because it’s in my blood to be in motion. And when you stopped, I knew it was all over. I didn’t want it to end, but it ended, whether I wanted it or not. Because I’m moving; I’m always moving. It’s impossible for me to stop for anything, let alone anyone. 
I’ve already moved past so many of you in my life. I’m so tired of feeling needy simply because I wanted to need you. I didn’t even need you.
So here I am, moving on, moving forward, moving past you. 
I can’t stop for anyone that’s not in my future, and you…

…you just stopped moving.

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