just between you and me: discovery

This is the first essay of a 5-part essay series discussing the connection between art and human relationships entitled “Just Between You & Me.”
First words, first day of school, first kiss, first taste of alcohol – the first experience of anything creates the stepping stones of life that have brought us to the present moment. We discovered something, wanted more, and were then propelled forward.Or we discovered something, were completely revolted, and have never gone back since. The first time can make us, or it can break us. 
Reacting to discovery has no rules. This is how art happens. Something in our physical surrounding, or in our physiological sensory if you will, strikes us. In that moment of first impression, horizons are expanded, eyes are widened, will is swayed, hearts are softened. Yet in that same moment, walls are built, eyes are shut, will is strengthened, hearts are broken. From our reactions to life’s discoveries, we produce art. 
The “firsts” of life become the primary colors of our masterpiece. We then mix these colors to invent new shades and varying hues to satisfy our own soul’s self-expression.

My world is big, and my world is small. My world is also full of color. I credit the colors of my life to every single person I have ever met. Some of my first impressions of these people were shattered later on, some of them rang true and were proven by time. But without fail, each color contributed to a brighter, clearer, and increasingly holistic and beautiful picture of the world. Some of these colors have left vibrant streaks upon on my heart, their brightness yet to fade from my life.

From discovering you, I have discovered the variety of personality, freedom of expression, the subtlety of speech, power of language, and the value of life all over again. Whether or not you made me or broke me, discovering you has set me on a path of discovery yet to end. Had I not discovered you, I would have yet to live.

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