Art, Music, and Korea

I just mentioned in my last blog that one of the things I love about living in the Eastern World is rediscovering the universality of music and heart through the eyes of the people here. Well, that exact thing happened to me yesterday in Seoul, Korea.

Sunday morning, my traveling companion and I decided to part ways for a few hours, since our sight-seeing interests were in different directions. So I went to the Seoul Museum of Art.

One of the exciting things for me about being in this city is the design aspect. Seoul was declared the World Design Capital just last year and is home to some incredible developments and architecture in terms of technology and design. I’ve already encountered some incredible art, not to mention the local art culture that is sure to inspire and provoke the mind of any art-lover. Between technology and creativity, Seoul has a lot to offer.

At the art museum, the art of Bernar Venet was the international exhibit, with English and Korean translations. I can’t really describe my experience as I walked through the exhibit room, but it was incredible for both my spirit and my mind. Then, as I was walking back from the museum to the MRT (subway) station to meet my friends, taking pictures of the beautiful walkway lined with a brick wall, I heard him.

His name is Yong-Q, and he was sitting there, framed by the brick wall behind him, serenading the people passing by with his voice and a ukelele. I sat on a bench two benches away from his and listened until he strummed the last chord. I was entranced. Then I went over to him, gave him some money, and told him he was awesome. It had been a while since having an English conversation in such an international setting. I was rediscovering the universality of art and music through the eyes of the Easter World.

 My trip to the Seoul Museum of Art yesterday inspired me all over again. In fact, I was so inspired that I am going to invite all of you who are reading these words right now to join me on a writing adventure. This writing adventure is a 5-part series of short essays called “Just Between You and Me.” Here’s what you can prepare yourself for:

Just Between You and Me

  • discovery
  • nostalgia meets euphoria
  • dancing
  • intercourse
  • remember me

The goal of these essays is to make contribute to and/or start the dialogue about the connection between art and human relationships. They will also let you begin to interact with my profound experience that Sunday at the Seoul Museum of Art. Please join me on this writing adventure by reading my essays and spreading the word to your friends! I will write them and post them serially over the next two months. I will keep everyone posted via twitter and facebook! Thank you in advance for your readership!

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