Why I Love Asia

I might have told some of you this before, but one of the reasons I moved to Taiwan in the first place is my initial attraction to the Asian urban life. Am I still attracted to this? Depends on the night, as well as on my mood. Nevertheless, I love Asia, and the nocturnal urban atmosphere one can encounter in the big city is definitely a factor.

WHEN I WAS BACK IN THE STATES, one of my favorite things to do was stick a bag on my back and hop on a bus to the nearest big city. My senior year of college, I explored the streets of Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. I’ve even experienced NYC for a weekend and gallavanted around Portland and LA with friends. As a traveler, I’m immediately satisfied with new places and can sit in a local cafe for hours observing the surrounding situation or walk for city blocks at a time taking pictures of buildings, people, and the local landscape. New things inspire me, and being in a new place often helps clear my mind. And I’ve always loved the city.

SO NOW I LIVE in Asia. I’m one of many foreign English teachers living and working in Taiwan. I study Chinese and interact with the with local culture on a daily basis. The people of Taiwan have become my friends and their country has become my new home. It took me a year and half to reach the point of declaring this in complete peace, and here I am, declaring it as one of the many living abroad.

I LOVE ASIA. It’s actually a little difficult to to explain to the Asian why I love their continent so much. Until one has moved to a different country that speaks a different language and dances to the beat of a different cultural drum, the sensation of falling in love with a new place might not be easy to comprehend. It’s one of those thing that needs to be experienced. But for the sake of clarity, here’s a few bullet points as to why I love it here so much:

  • There is everything here.
  • Access to fun and recreation and alcohol has never been more fun or affordable
  • Concerning life expenses, you can either go big or go small without feeling the pressure of society and the economy. As a foreigner with an ARC earning more than the average Taiwanese employee, you have a lot of control over your financial situation, the extent of this of course depending on State side bills you might be paying every month.
  • The food is AWESOME and beats any Oriental/Panda express or Chinese take-out in the States any day, not to mention how cheap it is to stuff yourself.
  • The universality and local nature of music and art is rediscovered all over again through the eyes of the Eastern World.

IN CONCLUSION, I’m very thankful God put a heart for this place in my heart. That’s the biggest reason I’m sticking it our here, even thriving here, because I know this is where God wants me to be. I realize how this statement could seem like an oversimplification, but it’s really what it comes down to for me. Why do we do what we do anyway? It’s a good question to constantly be answering. A peronal compass is a neccessity in a world where society is always evolving.

I love Asia. If you have any quetions about Taiwan or living here, feel free to ask me!

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