Conversations with friends are like really awesome pictures. You want to frame it, re-experience it, hang on to the moment forever. These are things we look back on, the things that remind us that happiness, truth, good people really do exist. We need these memories, these photographs to get us through.
This is what a conversation with a friend is like.
In these moments of conversation, the vitality of words and people and imagination collide to create something that changes us. Something that brings us closer to each other. Something that makes us more human.
They give us pieces of a picture that no one can see clearly standing alone. It takes all of us, standing side-by-side to see what we’ve all been missing. To see that we really do need each other.
They tell us stories of anger, of hope, of sadness, of joy, of pain, of adventure, of love.
They sing songs about a life just begun or about a seasoned life of experience.
A real conversation gives us more trust – in each other and in ourselves. It seals the bond that was never supposed to be broken.
Having a conversation with someone teaches us more about the world.
I like having conversations.

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