I seem to be in a season of learning right now. But who am I kidding? I always in a season of learning. Even during the moments the answer seems clear, I learn by not declaring I know. 
I’m learning the beauty of inconsistency and trying not to feel trapped by it right now. Like the only way to ever be productive and gain momentum in my life is to have a schedule that will only guarantee progress and future growth. 
That’s crap. I know it is. It has to be! Yet I remain in my position between the two extremes seeking balance, the evasive pendulum swinging before my mind’s eye, taunting me, singing to me…
I’ve decided that the inconsistency of mediums is what makes a mosaic interesting to look at, is what establishes the essence of the montage, is what creates every avant-garde theme.
Then why does inconsistency feel so wrong? 
Alas, I’m still learning.

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