Time is a box we trap our own selves in. There’s no getting past the four walls once we’re inside. It keeps us from those we love, those we want to love, those who love us. It essentially keeps us from ever experiencing love because love is timeless. It has no end. 
In the box of time, time will inevitably run out. Love never runs out.
In the box of time, man is completely in control yet constantly oppressed. There is no time to do anything but keep track of the time, to count the seconds that lead to minutes to hours to days to weeks to months to years to decades to centuries to millenniums. 
Freeing ourselves from the ticking of the clock is the path to discovering an eternal world. Freeing ourselves from the box of time is what every human needs to do.
The world we find, though filled with failures and shortcomings and people who hurt us, is being eternally watched and embraced by God himself.

And then, we are no longer barred from the greatest thing this world ever or ever will have, Love.

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