My best friend once posted these words on her facebook wall: “Good arts messes you up inside.”
I think this is true. Because the method of influence that art practices on the human mind is to leave us with nothing, only to reveal to us everything.To strip us to rags, only to leave us wearing garments of gold and silk. To blind our eyes, only to show us the world for what is really is. To leave us completely isolated and alone, only to bring us into an authentic and unending circle of community.
Art is an outlet of emotional cleansing and expression, both physical and spiritual. As we release ourselves through art, we encounter something that absorbs our emotions, our thoughts, our philosophies, and then challenges all of them. We are suddenly faced with a door of transformation; and going through the door means never being the same.
Art changes us. The good stuff can really leave you in shambles. And then, we begin to live.

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