fill the gap

It’s a small world after all.

That might be a fact, but it also might be an irony. One of the world’s greatest ironies, actually.

My world gets bigger every time I meet someone new, learn a new Chinese word or grammar pattern, or share something sacred with a friend or stranger. But it also gets smaller. Suddenly I’m not so distant from everyone else. The gap between me and the other person is no longer a barrier, an obstacle, a weapon.

It’s an opportunity. It’s a book full of inspirational stories and fresh ideas. It’s a song that I’ve never heard before.

Connections fail when we fail to fill the gaps. Enemies are created. Domination becomes the mantra. And the world is a great and vast battlefield upon which every person must defend him or herself. The gap between me and you becomes the governing principle that determines how much I will care, how much I will share, how much I will say.

Choose to fill the gap. Expand your horizons and draw more people in. Fill the gap between you and the other person.

The greatest gap in my life was the gap between me and God, and through the cross, that was filled. Now I live my life to fill the gaps, to even stand in the gap for the sake of connecting the people of this world.

Because it is a small world after all, full of countless opportunities. The funny thing is that these opportunities are other people, always passing by, everyday.

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