upon CRASHing, BURNing, and CLIMBing back up

Values are profoundly important. They actually have the power to keep you from being beat up by all of life’s pressures and voices and temptations. I don’t think I took them seriously enough before.

Values are also powerful because they give you a platform to stand on. And sometimes, the time comes for one to speak out from this platform. And saying something, my friends…well, that’s called courage.

Courage is impossible without a set of values you live to defend. Courage is also what sets you apart.

I’ve been living in Taiwan for a little over a year now. It’s ridiculous and astounding all at the same time. Everything I ever thought would be exciting to do is now reality for me, and yet at the core of all I’m doing is exactly what I said I would never be. A missionary.

When I finally accepted and admitted this, stopped hiding behind the occupation of English teacher and Chinese student, and declared it to those around me, everything suddenly fell in place. All my values seemed to be solidified. All my beliefs seemed to be blown completely out of proportion when what was really happening is that they were becoming the most important thing in my life.

My values took shape (and are still taking shape) in ways that I always hoped for but never knew how to bring about. And suddenly I had a platform to stand on, so I took my place; and that is when reality immediately hit.

Not everyone is standing as high I am. They’re not in the same place. And yet, I couldn’t move. Because HIS WORD is like a fire in my bones and I cannot remain silent! So upon crashing, burning, and then climbing back up onto the platform, my life has suddenly become a statement that I cannot deny.

My daily prayer is for the courage to declare it.

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