a look back at my brain on June 21, 2009

“Sitting on Crescent Beach, with my back against a boulder, rock formations and the Pacific Ocean invading my line of sight. A boy a few yards ahead has been happily digging in sand, completely enjoying himself, as he constructs a hole he can fit in. Then he plops himself inside of it, wiggles his limbs about, and relaxes. This little boy is so content, having so much, doing what many people hope to do with life. Enjoy it.

“Enjoy your life. Have a nice life. Enjoy the beach. Enjoy your day off. Enjoy the show. Enjoy your meal. Enjoy. I’m going somewhere across the ocean. That ocean. The Pacific Ocean. My soul needs to settle into a physical home for a while. Maybe Taipei will be it.

“My mind is an ocean. The waves of my thoughts crash against the beach of action, where my thoughts try to reach me. The tide of discernment traps my conscience on coves and in caves, where I can’t do anything but the right thing. It’s terrible. It’s beautiful. It’s my mind.”

a little later that same day…

Sitting on a rock somewhere in Ecola State Park. A stream runs past me on the right, fading out into the ocean below. Seagulls relax on the ocean-soaked sand. Rock formations create caves, crevices, cliffs all around. The ocean is stopped by nothing, groping at the limits of the tide. The wind caresses everything with her breath, infusing the air with freshness.

“I wandered away from the people, and this is where my feet brought me. It’s beautiful. The scenery is singing a song that my soul will take with her the rest of my life.”

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