The Christmas that counts

Underneath all the ads and shiny commercialism and jingles belted out by people who want the world to hear their voice…

Underneath all the nativity scenes and Christmas trees and wrapping paper and lights…

Underneath the noise of all the shopping malls and department stores and Santa Clauses yelling “Ho, ho, ho”…

Underneath all the traveling and plane tickets and plans and preparations and holiday meals…

…is the human soul. A human soul that can celebrate and live a life of joy and peace because of the salvation that entered the world through a saint, under a star, in a feeding trough, as a baby. The reason we have Christmas carols and Christmas gifts. The baby that inspires the world to do good things for one another, though not all of us know it yet.

Connecting with other people through gifts, cards, parties, meals, long-distance phone calls, sometimes under the mistletoe – this is celebrating Christmas. A gathering of human souls seeking joy and peace together. And sometimes forgetting the baby that made it all possible. The angels’ first Christmas carol. The wise men’s first gifts.

Celebrate Christmas by remembering what’s underneath it all, and connect with the source.

Taiwan might not feel the same as the States does this time of year, but Christmas didn’t start in the States or in Taiwan. It started in the heart of God, a God that loved the world and gave us His Son.

Merry Christmas!

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