She opened her eyes. The unfamiliar scent that greeted her nostrils reminded her of something she never experienced. Her body was surrounded by a silky residue that resembled the after breath of an exquisite dream. She didn’t know where she was, but she new exactly what to do, where to go, what to say.

She began to move her limbs, gently brushing away the silk that departed with an encouraging whisper against her skin. The familiar was infused with a glow she did not recognize, an unexplainable light that now painted her whole world.

Her hands were empty. Her bag was unusually light. There was no urge to hurriedly sort through the daily crowdedness of her mind.

She saw all the faces. She heard all the voices. She remembered the last two months. She wanted to cry out, but he was already holding her hand. This is what new feels like.

All things had been made new.

She recalled a promise of an easy yoke and moved forward in joy, embracing her freedom to always walk in peace.

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