the unused contraption

I left my camera at home today and have nothing to show for the rapturous day of food and friends and shopping.

But instead of taking pictures, I watched the people around me and felt that sometimes my eyes even engaged their souls.

And instead of documenting the next bite or bowl of food, I absorbed new tastes with every sense of my body and new worlds were opened to me.

And because I had no camera in my hand or a fresh photographic pose to verbalize, I was able to feel and speak and listen in another language of another people that I am growing to love more and more.

I love them more with each new sight, new sound, new food, new word, new smile.

Today, my camera had a vacation at the bottom of a purse that I received as a gift here in Taiwan three years ago from a Taiwanese Christian. And I have nothing to show for today but new experiences, memories, friends, and a fresh perspective on life.

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