Exchanging Worlds (a poetic perspective of Teaching English)

As I give my students a piece of my world, they give me a piece of theirs. That’s the beauty of teaching language.

My life right now is dancing the dance of two worlds. World collision. International commerce of intelligence. A system of equal rewards.

This dance could go on forever, because every move commences with something different, a new beginning.

A new perspective.
A new word.
A new blessing.
A new face.
A new friend.

Another day in a new world that wants a piece of mine.

It’s humbling, to think of it this way, the way that it should be. As I teach English, I give my students a piece of my world. As I learn Chinese, I receive a piece of theirs.

And these pieces keep growing, because we keep giving; and the world that continues to grow smaller no longer keeps us a part.

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