inspiring letters

Until it has all happened already, there’s no way to describe it accurately.
Until you’re gone, there’s no way to know what leaving is like.

(this blog post inspired by one of the blogs on my reading list, Acrostic Ben Comments)

(this blog post is also dedicated to my family, who endured with me through this process)

MOVING, in my case, across the ocean

Much to do, more to see, making time, mending the holes of unfinished business,
managing everything feels impossible.
Over-estimating space and time and people, on the phone, online, oscillating from stress to tears,
the onslaught looks unbearable.
Ventilating sweat-filled, dust-covered luggage and other items, vexing those around you,
victory seems so far away.
Inching closer to insanity and new things, itemizing clothing, idolizing sweet memories,
I don’t know if I can do this
New people, novice perspectives, naive decisions, never-ending experience of the overwhelming,
nighttime brings peace to this life.
Going away, giving hugs, gifts of money and love, giggling over old jokes one last time,
gone fishing – permanently.

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