A deep love

The love of coffee runs deep.

It was foolish of me to try and deny myself of this love, but try I did.

I thought drinking coffee was simply a cultural practice I had picked up as a result of my context (context being the surrounding Seattle area, birthplace of Starbucks, Washington State, West Coast of the United States).

I was wrong.

The love of coffee runs deeper than culture.

Upon moving to Taiwan, I was foolishly bent on dropping the coffee ritual and picking up something else. but what would I pick up? Oolong tea? Zhen zhu ni cha?

The reality is, no matter where in the world I am, nothing satisfies me like a hot cup of coffee at the beginning of my day. It’s just reality. It’s culture too, but I guess it’s just a piece of culture I will always take with me.

Culture runs deep, but the love of coffee runs deeper.

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