novice affection

Wow! This is my life!

As fun as Chicago is,
As exciting historical Washington, D.C., seems,
As artsy and archaeic the streets of Boston are,
As fun and familiar as Minneapolis has become,
As cool and classy as Seattle is,
As much as fast-paced L.A. brims with the famous,
And even as N.Y. promises an urban adventure and as beautiful the psychedelic and environmental trends of Portland are,

Here I am in Taipei,
Where sweat becomes your default moisturizer,
Where concrete and grass compete for space in city parks,
Where street vendors sell you victual at the risk of their own business,
Where the lights turn on around eleven in the a.m. and don’t completely shut off until about
one or two in the next a.m.,
Where tree and skyscraper compose a rare beauty, and
Where scooters rule the road.

This is Taipei, my city, until experience shows me otherwise.

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