love of the city

It’s funny. In the states one of my favorite things about city life was blending in. Stepping off the subway or bus and being swept away with the mass of humanity that’s already inundating the sidewalks. Embracing the anonymity that comes with the headphones and the sunglasses and everything that goes with the image of the pedestrian. I love being a pedestrian.

Here, the same thing basically happens, especially during the daily shopping season that fills the streets. Especially in the district in which I live, Ximen.

However, I entertained an irony that I have now realized to be completely ethno/ego-centric…

in this city, I don’t blend in. I’m a foreigner here. I don’t look like everyone else. I stick out. Everyone’s always looking at me…

That’s not only terrible; it’s not true.

Me living here isn’t any different than the foreigners who are living in the States. It’s a beautiful and humbling thing. Here, I need to learn the language and learn from the people, just like anyone who comes to live in the States for the first time. And just like other foreigners who move to the States, they start blending in.

So my experience and love of the city is still the same. I can still step off the subway or the bus and be swept up in the mass of humanity that already inundates the sidewalks.

I love the city.

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