going abroad and coming home

Going abroad and coming home. These are not two separate events for me. They are the same journey.

Home is a profound concept. All of us, according to our own life experiences and cultural perceptions, have our own idea of home. However, this is probably one of the ideas in the world that brings us all together, an experience the human race was meant to share.

Home is where there is no compromise of person or character. Home is a place of safety and contentment. Home is where the tears and the hurt and the anger always lead to growth, to something better. Home is only made possibly by love.

By its authentic nature (the nature of God who, in essence, is love), love drives away fear. Love is uncompromising. Love never settles. Love never destroys. Love is all-encompassing of all people who are willing to change and respect the other person. The atmosphere of love is home.

The only way to find home is to fill yourself and overflow with love.

As long as I don’t do this, I’ll want to do this. When God gives you the desires of your heart, take them. Accept his offer of making your dreams come true. I went abroad and came home.

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