Abraham Lincoln to the rescue: another true story

It was one of those moments when you wonder whether or not this really is all in your head. Whether or not you really are making this up. Whether or not this is real, if it’s really even happening.

It’s just that bad.

She sat there, incapable of masking the gloom that painted her face, tainted every physical feature of her body, even graying the strands on her head. She tried to remember the last time she felt this way and failed. But still she refused to believe…

…blatant refusal never heals a hurting soul, but human souls always seem to lose some amount of intelligence when things like this happen. What was was this, anyway? She didn’t even know what has happening.

In times like this, no one ever wants to say anything. But every one wishes someone would say something.

Then he broke the awkward silence.

Thank you, Abraham Lincoln!

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